AR Designer

Year: 2018-
Role: 3D UX Designer


AR Designer is a simple, web-based platform for creating and publishing immersive augmented reality content. Developed by Envrmnt, Verizon’s extended reality organization, AR Designer helps users create immersive AR experiences with easy drag-and-drop interfaces and realtime previewing on mobile devices.

AR Designer is nominated and selected as one of the finalists for the 2018 Auggie Awards Best Creator & Authoring Tool.

“AR Designer enables anyone to build virtual experiences and incorporate them into their mobile application without having to hire a full development team.”

T.J. Vitolo Director of Product Management and Development at Verizon

Upload Manager

As Envrmnt’s 3D UX Designer, I work with a team of 3D Artists, Designers, Developers, and Product Managers to define and develop new features and functionalities for AR Designer.

One of the product features that I worked on as a feature lead is Upload Manager, a new system for AR Designer users to upload and manage multiple media files (Images, Videos, 3D Assets) at once. Designed specifically for Envrmnt’s engine, Upload Manager analyzes user-uploaded 3D assets for quality and compatibility check, and generates an user-friendly error log for each file to guide users from creating high quality 3D assets.

The Challenge

Before the introduction of Upload Manager, user is required to upload and process content individually. When user has multiple files that they’d like to use in AR Designer, it takes a lot of interaction cost to go through each file and upload them one-by-one. While each file is uploading, user is also required to stay on the upload screen until each upload completes.


To clearly identify user’s pain points and reduce the friction in interaction, the team followed an iterative process to design a new system that meets our user’s needs. Through researches, interviews, brainstorming, developing persona, creating wireflows and prototypes, testing, and iterating based on quantitative and qualitative feedback, I designed Upload Manager as an one-stop-shop for users to easily manage all their uploads in an at-a-glance view, with detail information about each file. In essence, Upload Manager is a mini dashboard that presents complex information in an easy-to-digest interface.

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The Upload Manager includes a Hide feature that minimizes the Upload Manager modal into a toaster at the bottom center of the screen. This feature allows user to upload content, while multi-task and continue to edit experiences in AR Designer. Once all uploads have completed, Upload Manager then prompts the user to expand the toaster back to the Upload Manager modal, and displays summary of the upload.

Upload Error Messages

When user uploads 3D assets that are faulty or imperfect for Envrmnt’s engine, error status lights and error messages are displayed in Upload Summary to identify 3D asset problems and suggest solutions. Working closely with engine developers and 3D artists, I took the internal dev-facing error logs and rewrite them in a user-friendly language for AR Designer users to easily understand what is causing the error, and how to resolve it. I also categorized each error with a status, ranging from Good, Warning, or Critical, to further help user identify priorities and actions they’d need to take first.

Award Nomination

AR Designer is nominated and selected as one of the finalists for the 2018 Auggie Awards Best Creator & Authoring Tool, alongside Snap Inc’s Lens Studio, Gravity Sketch, and more.