InVision Prototyping, Adobe Illustrator

 User Experience Design

A&E History IRL Design Jam Most Creative

Launch Prototype


History In Emoji is a social media platform designed for millennials to write and share histories using emoticons through their phones.


Mikei Huang, Lead UX Designer
Iris Qu, UX Designer
Qinzi Tan, Mobile Developer
Andrew Park, Graphic Designer


History In Emoji was initiated at the 2015 A&E History IRL Design Jam, which asked participants to design a new digital experience for A&E that seamlessly infuse history – facts, information, images, video and more – into everyone’s daily lives. The A&E Network owned many successful web/mobile applications that integrate history into our daily lives, including GPS location-based guide History Here, on-the-go trivia game Ultimate History Quiz, and This Day In History, a daily newsfeed that pulled historic archives from the History Channel’s database. These applications contained in-depth content for users to explore and experience, but lacked the feature to share and engage with potential users on social media that are not History’s core audience. To explore the potentials of social platform, I came up with the concept of user-generated history contents that invites users to upload their own history, and read other user’s histories, all through emoji.


After our initial discussion, my team started by creating a mind map and drew down concepts and features we wanted to include in the app. Taking those ideas in mind, I sketched out some paper prototypes and mapped out an initial user scenario flow chart. The team went through another brainstorm session to simplify the design after some usability testings with the A&E mentors. From there, I designed the mid-fidelity prototype in Adobe Illustrator and Invision App, Iris and Andrew created graphic elements and contents to put inside the app, and Qinzi coded an iOS prototype for users to input stories using emoji. The completed project was hosted on Invision App and received positive feedback from peers and A&E mentors.


History In Emoji was selected as the winning project of 2015 A&E History IRL Design Jam under the Most Creative category. The project also sparked conversations within A&E Network employees to create more innovative products through rapid prototyping and iterations. At the end of the event, my team was honored to present our project in front of A&E’s CEO and executives.