Unity Game Engine, Adobe Illustrator

Puzzle, Casual Game

International Game Festival 17 Game Entry

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The Struggle Is Real is a mini puzzle game portraying gay men’s constant struggle balancing a healthy diet while enjoying anal sex. In this game, the player helps the protagonist decide on what to eat for the day to prep for his nightly activity. The goal is to make sure that the protagonist eats enough and has a pleasant night with his romantic partner.


The Struggle Is Real borrows its game mechanics from Anna Anthropy’s game Triad. Using sliding tile puzzles as food items, the player is tasked to carefully arrange the placement of a sandwich, a slice of bacon, an ice cream cone, a donut, and a gelato in the stomach grid. The goal of the game is to place all food items in the stomach to satisfy the protagonist’s craving, while leaving space for sexual activities. The protagonist’s romantic partner gets very upset if he gets poo on his dick. However, the dick comes in various positions and shapes, adding difficulty to predict where are the safe spots to place foods.

Level Design Sliding Tile Puzzle
Winning The Game

If the player successfully passes the stage, the game will show you lots of rainbows and a sex scene as a reward.


The Struggle Is Real was a game entry at the International Game Festival 17. The game has been exhibited at Parsons Major Major exhibition, Playcrafting NYC Spring Expo, and was interviewed by Human Research on their podcast “The Kickstarter Campaigns That Needs To Happen”. The game has also been mentioned on Gamescense and Things To Do In LA.